Why Your Marketing Plan Sucks

Dan Schoenbaum
9 min readJan 19, 2021

If you are bullish on your company’s growth this year, you need to carefully assess your overall go-to-market strategy. Are you still reliant on traditional marketing approaches for lead generation and sales? If so, your strategy is dated and growth will likely be an uphill slog with low conversion and a high CAC.

According to research conducted by OpenView Partners, 98% of MQL’s never even convert. As a go-to-market advisor for Investors and CEOs, I have the chance to meet many companies whose leadership teams pour hard-earned cash flow or venture capital into sales and…

Dan Schoenbaum

Managing Partner, Hightide Advisors (www.hightide-advisors.com) 2x CEO, 2x COO. Company builder, GTM & PLG Expert, marathoner, Former IDF Sniper.